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Check your chess games against GingerGM opening courses.

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What are the numbers

Some numbers behind GingerBase


13 Courses


850 Chapters


Over 237k Positions


736 games analysed

What are the features

Some of the reasons why you should use GingerBase.

Check your Games

Check your games alongside the ever-expanding GingerGM opening DVDs and courses.

Learn from Experts

Play about with your existing repertoire and learn expert openings in a simple-to-use user face.

ELO Computer Games

Double-check any suggested moves and lines with the strongest 3000+ ELO computer engine.

Save Precious Time

Save time by receiving suggestions of precisely where and how you can improve your opening play.

Watch Expert Openings

Expert videos of your openings demonstrated with Grandmaster depth and clarity with well-known chess professionals.

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Test and experiment with moves and lines for blitz and learn as you go, on the go!

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